Creating a Chinese name

To choose a name for a child is a very important task in Chinese culture.
Names are seen as a symbol and a foretelling of the future and fortune of the child. This is why most families will try to put together characters that signify positive characteristics that they wish for the name to imprint on the personality of their offspring.
Similar to most other countries, Chinese names normally consist of a one character surname and a given name consisting of one or two characters. The surname is said and written before the given name.
Interestingly, parents are free to choose any surname they want, the same way the given names are chosen, but normally a child will inherit the father’s surname. It’s in the given name that parents, often together with grandparents, has the opportunity to try and set the course for the future of their family line.
Historically, boys have been given names signifying strength and courage, while girls have been given names meant to highlight their beauty and femininity. In modern times, trends come and go much as in any other place, but with Chinese society becoming more and more individualistic, one long lasting tendency has been to choose more and more rare characters in an effort to give children a unique name.
When you buy a Chinese Name Poster, our expert native Chinese speakers creates a name based on the original-language name as well as the characteristics you have chosen the name to signify.
We then create the Poster you have chosen and incorporate the name, resulting in a truly personalized piece of art.
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